What is Lacrosse – Past

Such a profound question one would say. What is lacrosse? It’s a sport, lifestyle, culture that is sweeping the world.

Origins of the sport is said to be given to the Haudenosaunee people to please and honour their Deity, “The Creator”. Whenever a lacrosse game is being played The Creator is watching and smiling. Pretty powerful stuff for just a mire “sport”.

The game of lacrosse was seen as a spiritual connection with the land.  Something that would be done recreationally, ceremonially and also a war game between tribes. Deeply embedded into the culture, the Haudenosaunee people played the game with passion and heart. Now that the sport is growing exponentially every year, the ‘Creator’ must be happy.

So back to the million dollar question, what is lacrosse? Lacrosse is a sport that is played in four different versions: field lacrossebox lacrosse, women’s lacrosse and intercrosse. It is a sport that requires strength, skill, determination, heart, dexterity and spirit to name a few. It can be a very creative with finesse but aggressive and hard hitting. Lacrosse challenges it’s participants mind, body and soul in the quest for glory.

What is Lacrosse


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What is Lacrosse – Present and Future

It has been named “The fastest sport on two feet” and has become a movement all over the world.  It’s a sport that can either be played on an open field, indoor, ice less hockey rink or in a gymnasium. Box and field have a lot of contact.  Women’s and intercrosse have very minimal but all require mass amounts of skill, mental toughness and determination.

Players would use a stick made of hickory with a leather basket back in the day.  It then modernised into plastic with a mesh/leather basket or a completely plastic stick (intercrosse).
That stick is used to pass from player to player and try to get one by the goalie. In some versions players are allowed to slash, stick, cross and body check to dislodge the ball. It is a sport that must be played with low levels of fear and high levels of confidence. It’s a sport for the tough, the mighty, the passionate that want to push themselves to a higher level of athleticism.

The Game will always be a huge part of my life. It has given me many great moments, amazing friendships, great personal tests, opportunities to travel the world. I will play until my legs don’t let me anymore, and then I will coach until I lose my voice.  Lacrosse is a tradition of life.