Western Lacrosse Association

Western Lacrosse Association

Western Lacrosse Association – Info

Right now there are only two Senior A Box Lacrosse leagues in the world. One of them being in Ontario, Canada (Major Series Lacrosse). The other being in British Columbia, Canada the WLA (Western Lacrosse Association). If you would like more information on Major Series Lacrosse you can go to the page.

The Western Lacrosse Association, much like the MSL hosts some of the best box lacrosse in the world. Most of the players who are in it play for an NLL team so it’s basically like watching a summertime NLL match.

A Dose of Hickory

Traditional wooden sticks are not allowed in the NLL.  They are allowed in Senior A Box lacrosse and most other box lacrosse leagues in Canada. Traditional wooden sticks add a complete different aspect to the game. Let me explain, playing in a box lacrosse game can feel like a chaotic war battle at times. Cross-checks, slashes and body checksWestern Lacrosse Association are being thrown everywhere. The ball is moving around fast and the 30 second shot clock takes it to an extremely high pace. So, let’s say you are in a close game, you are tired but are still pushing on.  You go out on offence and you look up to see five defenders all with traditional wooden sticks.  It happens and that is when you know the only way to score will be to suffer through some pain.

Western Lacrosse Association –  Squads and More

The Western Lacrosse association has seven teams all based out of British Columbia. The season runs from middle of May until August and the champion of the league competes in the Mann Cup against the champion of the MSL. This is box lacrosse’s most priced trophy so when the series begins in September it’s always a epic battle.

You can see what areas are rich in lacrosse tradition but nowadays it would be dumb to count any of these teams out. This is very high level lacrosse, that means any night the team who wants it more and works for it has a chance. If you want to strengthen your lacrosse IQ I would recommend you watch a game, it will do you good I can assure you. All you have to do is look on the team’s website and pay for the pay per view, in my mind it is totally worth it!

Past Champions

Western Lacrosse Association

New Westminster Salmonbellies has the most with twenty (one as the New Westminster Labbatt Blues) followed by Victoria Shamrocks who has sixteen (two as Victoria Payless). The remaining three are Coquitlam Adanacs with five, Maple Ridge Burrards with five (four with Vancouver Burrards) and two for the Langley Thunder. 

  • 2019: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2018: Maple Ridge Burrards
  • 2017: New Westminister SalmonBellies
  • 2016: Maple Ridge Burrards
  • 2015: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2014: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2013: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2012: Langley Thunder
  • 2011: Langley Thunder
  • 2010: New Westminster Salmonbellies
  • 2009: New Westminster Salmonbellies
  • 2008: New Westminster Salmonbellies
  • 2007: Coquitlam Adanacs
  • 2006: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2005: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2004: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2003: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2002: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 2001: Coquitlam Adanacs
  • 2000: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 1999: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 1998: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 1997: Coquitlam Adanacs
  • 1996: Victoria Shamrocks
  • 1995: New Westminster Salmonbellies
  • 1994: New Westminster Salmonbellies