Victoria Box Lacrosse
  • What: Men’s and Youth Box Lacrosse League
  • When: October, November and December.
  • Where: Altona, Victoria, Australia
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Victoria Box Lacrosse League Info

The Victoria Box Lacrosse League is an annual box league in Victoria, Australia.  The league includes beginner trainings for U11, U13 and for females looking to get into the box game.  On a seperate evening it also has a U13, U17 and Senior competition levels.  All players are put into a draft pool and are split up into 4 teams.  The league normally plays a ten week schedule between October and December.  As we speak there’s a new box lacrosse court being build at Altona Lacrosse Club.  The box lacrosse scene in Victoria are no doubt excited for this.  A venue dedicated just to box lacrosse will skyrocket the game to new heights.

Victoria has a lot of talent in box lacrosse.  This league is great for players looking to learn the game and also for players looking to compete against some of the best players in Aussie Box.


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Victoria Box Lacrosse League

Victoria Box Lacrosse League

Victoria Box Lacrosse League

Victoria Box Lacrosse

Team Victoria – ALA Senior Indoor National Championships

Victoria Box Lacrosse League Past Champions