Lacrosse Team Info Forum – Let your team be known!

Welcome to the lacrosse team info forum!  Here you will be able to take the first step in promoting your local team and potentially get international ringers playing for your squad!

I have been blessed with opportunities to play lacrosse internationally.  This amazing sport, culture and community has brought me to Europe and even as far as Australia (I’m from Canada).  These experiences and memories are some I will never forget.  I want nothing more than to help others achieve the same feat. 

After you fill out the team info forum below you will shortly have a page on Gone Laxing.  How can you recruit players if nobody knows about your team?  There’s also a chance a fellow laxer is travelling through your country for business or pleasure.  The opportunities to play lacrosse internationally are growing as fast as the sport.  Fill out this forum to take a step forward for the future of lacrosse and your team!

Team Info Forum

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    Want to promote your local Lacrosse League?  You never know when fellow laxers will be in your area!  Fill out the forum here!