RBLL Ohio – League Info

The Regional Box Lacrosse League Ohio is a regional box lacrosse league in the Interstate Box Lacrosse Association.  The IBLA has 11 different regional leagues all over the United States of America.  This specific regional league was formed in 2018. The league consists of four teams, the Cincinnati Flying Pigs, Columbus Crows, Louisville Canards and the Nashville Ignite.  The winner of this league goes on to play in the IBLA Nationals which usually goes down in September at a given location around the USA.

Just this year the IBLA partnered up with the National Lacrosse League.  This means that the IBLA and it’s regional leagues are seen as a stepping stone towards to NLL in the USA.  Big things to come for the IBLA and it’s regional leagues.



Cincinnati Flying Pigs
Louisville Canards
Columbus Crows
Nashville Ignite

2019 RBLL Ohio Champions

RBLL Ohio – League Stat Leaders 2019


  • Connor Simon and Corey Geroy (6)
  • Todd Miller (5)
  • Drew Gouhin (4)


  • Connor Simon and Zach Shy (4)
  • Matthew Keyes and Todd Miller (3)
  • Corey Geroy (2)


  • Connor Simon (10)
  • Corey Geroy and Todd Miller (8)
  • Juan Contreras and Zach Shy (6)

Points Per Game

  • Connor Simon (5.0)
  • Corey Geroy, Matthew Keyes and Todd Miller (4.0)

Penalty Minutes

  • Chris Robbins and Todd Miller (5)
  • Allan Verhoesta, Mark Donahue and Nick Hepting (2)


Unavailable for the time being.

Goals Against Average

Save Percentage

RBLL Ohio – Past Champions

  • 2020 – Cancelled
  • 2019 – Louisville Canards
  • 2018 – Columbus Crows