Lacrosse Stick Repair Kit – Lax Box is everything you need!


Have you ever been to one of your lacrosse games and last minute forgot you were missing a screw for your lacrosse head? Mouth guard? Ball stop or rubber butt end? Has your sidewall broken (or a teammates) during a game and you had no spare string or way to restring your lacrosse stick?¬† Have you gotten that hefty illegal stick call against you because one of your strings was over the limit? That’s about to change!

Lax Box is a lacrosse stick repair kit and so much more. For every lacrosse team, equipment manager and stringer! Contents include: 2 pieces of soft mesh, enough sidewall and shooter string for 2 sticks, 2 Lax Box ball stops, 2 Lax Box rubber butt ends, 10 self taping screws, 1 roll of stick tape, mouth guard, Lax Box Stickers, Gone Laxing Sticker, Small Measuring Tape, Pliers, Scissors, Screwdriver (with 4 sizes of flat head and philips), a card to keep track of your preferred stringing lengths and even a place to hold your lighter (to burn the tips of the string, lighters not included.)

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Lax Box is an emergency lacrosse stick repair kit for every team, equipment manager and stringer.


  1. 2 x Nylon raw/soft 10 diamond mesh.
  2. 2 x Lax Box Ball Stops.
  3. 2 x Lax Box Rubber Butt Ends.
  4. 2 x Sidewall Kits (Enough to string 2 lacrosse heads.)
  5. 2 x Shooting Lace Kits (Enough for 3 Shooters per Lacrosse Head.)
  6. 10 x Self Taping Philips Screws
  7. Small Measuring Tape
  8. Scissors
  9. Pliers
  10. Screwdriver (With Flat Head and Philips bits.)
  11. Roll of Stick Tape
  12. Mouth Guard
  13. Lax Box Sticker
  14. Gone Laxing Sticker
  15. Card To Keep Track of String Lengths
  16.  Lighter Holder in the Lax Box (To burn the tips of the string, lighter not included.)

This lacrosse stick repair kit has everything a stringer and a lacrosse team would need for those many moments of equipment malfunctions.

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Weight 0.682 kg
Dimensions 0.32 × 0.16 × 0.1 m


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