New Years Cup – Field lacrosse tournament in Budapest

New Years Cup – Budapest, Hungary

What: Technically the New Years Cup in Budapest is the first field lacrosse tournament of the year. Both men and woman’s teams are welcome to compete.New Years Cup

Where: Fáyutca, Budapest, Hungary

When: Normally first weekend of the new year each January.

How: On a travel? Planning on travelling? Bring your lacrosse bag! Contact the tournament organiser or bring your own!

Past teams:

  • Vienna Monarchs

  • Bratislava Tricksters

  • Toblerone Lacrosse

  • Lacrosse Club Mitava

  • Tribesmens Erlangen

  • Budapest Blax

  • Belgrade Zombies

  • Grazcats (W)

  • Iberians (W)

  • Passau & Friends (W)

  • Budapest Blackberries (W)

  • A-Team (W)

  • Olten Saints

  • Tatranské Halušky

  • Kosynierki Wroclaw (W)

Olten Saints video —–>

For all other info about the New Years Cup you can go to the official page.

New Years Cup – Past Champions

  • 2018 – Olten Saints (Men’s), Kosynierki Wroclaw (Women’s)
  • 2017 – Bratislava Tricksters (Men’s), A-Team (Women’s)
  • 2016 – Tatranské Halušky (Men’s), A-Team (Women’s)
  • 2015 – Vienna Monarchs (Men’s), Grazcats (Women’s).
  • 2014 – Bratislava Tricksters (Men’s)


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