The has been quite a bit of tension this past month regarding a certain National Association, in the midst of all this I have hope for lacrosse.

Articles have been written, statements made and both sides probably feel like they are in limbo. I’ve read all the articles and done the research but honestly feel the powers a be have to take care of this one. Instead of getting caught in the drama we should keep zealously pushing this great game of Lacrosse.

So with that said here’s 3 things that gave me hope for lacrosse this week. For the first time ever a German lacrosse player signed to a Division 1 NCAA school. 2 lacrosse superstars sit down, hang out, talk lacrosse and record it. Then there is Method Man. Yes, I am not kidding you. Method Man talks lacrosse on a radio show. Unreal.

Hope for Lacrosse – Per-Anders Olters

Hope for Lacrosse

Inked in officially into the University of Vermont, Per becomes the first ever German lacrosse player to reach these ranks. It’s nuts, I played with the kid 7 months ago at the Aleš Hřebeský and couldn’t be happier with this news. What’s even more inspiring is that he completely self promoted himself. He made a highlight video, sent the e-mails and didn’t quit. Couldn’t be happier for him. Breaking barriers and inspiring other towards the same path.

Lax All Stars wrote a piece on Per over a week ago and made a video to go with it. I recommend taking the time to appreciate both.

Per-Anders Olters, From Germany to NCAA D1


Paul Rabil and Lyle Thompson inspire

Gonna keep this one simple and let the superstars do the talking. Paul Rabil has a weekly podcast, fact. Lyle tweeted not too long ago that he likes listening to it. Here’s what happened after that.

Method Man talks lacrosse – This is not a joke!

This one takes the cake for me 100%. Did you ever know that Method Man played lacrosse? Fact. He was on a radio show the other day and the rest was lacrosse history. I don’t know why, but listening to this gave me hope for lacrosse. Really can’t tell you my reasoning because there is none, just know that listening to Method talking about lacrosse with such excitement made me laugh and smile. It’s awesome give it a listen.

Lacrosse is growing, everyone who plays and loves it knows. From time to time their can be hickups, it’s life. Lacrosse is more than a game, it will endure.