Major Series Lacrosse

Major Series Lacrosse – 101

Major Series Lacrosse (MSL) is a Senior A Box Lacrosse league based out of Ontario, Canada. There are only two Senior A leagues in North America, one being the MSL and the other is Senior A in the Western Lacrosse Association (WLA). They are both the highest level of lacrosse one could play during the summer months. At the end of each summer, the winner of the MSL and the WLA meet for a best of seven game series.  They fight for the Mann Cup, one of Lacrosse’s most cherished trophies. The championship location switches between Ontario and British Columbia every year.

Most of the players in Major Series Lacrosse have either played or are playing in the National Lacrosse league (NLL) so the calibre is top-notch. It is rough, tough and you really have to fight for every inch on the floor and goal. Also, players are allowed to use traditional wooden sticks in the MSL so that adds a whole new level of pain to the game. If you don’t know what I mean then you are lucky to have never been defended with a traditional wooden stick.  It sucks.Major Series Lacrosse

Major Series Lacrosse – The Squads

Past Champions

Major Series Lacrosse

Here is a list of the championship teams from the past two decades, the rest can be seen on the official MSL website:

  • 2017 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2016 Six Nations Chiefs
  • 2015 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2014 Six Nations Chiefs
  • 2013 Six Nations Chiefs
  • 2012 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2011 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 2010 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2009 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 2008 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 2007 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2006 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2005 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2004 Peterborough Lakers
  • 2003 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 2002 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 2001 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 2000 Brooklin Redmen
  • 1999 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 1998 Brampton Excelsiors
  • 1997 Niagara Falls Gamblers
  • 1996 Six Nations Chiefs
  • 1995 Six Nations Chiefs
  • 1994 Six Nations Chiefs