Through videos and articles on the internet and tips from the pros.  Most of them say the same thing; lacrosse wall ball is the key to success. Your lacrosse stick should become part of your body.  It only makes sense, the more you practice the better you will be.

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Lacrosse Wall Ball Sessions – Good times

The best way to work at becoming better is a good old lacrosse wall ball session. It’s as easy as going to a brick wall and throwing. You can either stand close and throw the ball directly at the wall so that it bounces back.  Or you can stand further away and let it bounce once before you catch it. The ideal wall is one with no windows and that is 10 feet tall.

The goal of a lacrosse Wall Ball session is to strengthen the wrist, to gain hand speed and to develop a quick release. This is why it is recommended that you do as many repetitions as possible to improve your technique. Also, if you are a field player work on both hands.

Lacrosse Wall Ball

Wall Ball Session 1

(30 reps with each hand for beginners, 40 intermediate and 50 for advanced)

1 hand

Catch and 1 cradle

2 hands

Catch and 1 cradle

Quick stick

Split drill, catch righty, switch and throw lefty/ catch lefty switch and throw righty

Catch, face dodge and throw

Catch, fake and throw

Once you can do all of the above at 50 reps it is time to move onto some more creative and difficult techniques.

Cross handed (Hold the sticks so that the head is in the ‘box’ area near the opposite ear)

Behind the back

Running along the wall throwing and catching

This part of Wall Ball is meant to be fun and more advanced players. It is to improve your stick skills because who knows, it might come in handy during a game. But remember, master the basics first before moving on to these drills.  It would look bad if you can throw behind the back well but not forward.

Wall Ball Classics – Quick Stick/Rapid Fire

Line up around 3-5 yards from the wall. First, do 50 right hand throw and catches without cradling. After completing 50 right handed, do 50 left handed. Focus on your quick stick, eye coordination and one timing. You will become better with getting rid of the ball in a timely fashion without even noticing it by practising this.

2-12 Yard Passing

Step 12 yards from the wall. Start with 30 right hand throws. that will come back to you on one bounce. When you catch the ball from the bounce, cradle once, then follow-up with the next throw. Once again, 30 right handed then 30 left handed.

Lacrosse Wall Ball

Throwing & Catching on the Run

Line up 5-7 yards from the wall on the far left side. Start with the right hand and while running alongside the wall, throwing and catching the ball on the run. Work on catching the ball on the run and also off-stick side. The ball will not always be perfectly passed to your stick side in a game so this will work on that. Once at the other side of the wall, switch hands and do the same on the way back. I would recommend doing this for 10 minutes and really try and catch every ball on the run.


Line up 12-15 yards from the wall. Get in proper shooting formation, mark a few places on the wall with tape to aim at. Shot about 80% velocity, having the ball come back to you with one bounce. Depending on where you aim, the ball may take bounces that aren’t the same so you might have to run a bit, not matter. Do 25 with one hand and then 25 with the next.


This is to finish with something fun and work on more difficult techniques. Try all those fancy tricks you see the pro do and practice them for about 15 minutes. This is meant to loosen you up and try some cools things, you never know, they might come in handy someday.

Lacrosse Wall Ball Session – Overview

2 different sessions that will keep you busy for some time. All you need to do now is get some music, find a wall and practice for about 30 minutes a day, 4-5 times a week. If you do this I guarantee you will see an improvement in your game over a 3-4 week span. Now get out there and have some fun, be the best lacrosse player you can be!

Lacrosse Wall Ball