Nothing better than the taste of a championship. Playing a whole season, fighting through playoffs, going on to win a national trophy and then drinking from the cup…how sweet it is! Here are six of the most celebrated lacrosse trophies in North America.

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Lacrosse Trophies – Canadian Box Lacrosse

Founder’s Cup

The Founder’s Cup is awarded to the best Junior B box lacrosse team in Canada. Handcrafted in 1972 honouring ‘The Father of Organised Lacrosse’, Dr. George W. Beers of Montreal, Quebec. Teams battle for provincial dominance then get an invite to play in the Founder’s Cup. 

Lacrosse Trophies

Minto Cup

The Minto Cup is awarded to the best Junior A box lacrosse team in Canada. The Governor General of Canada (Lord Minto) donated the silver cup on May 31st 1901. It was given to the best senior men’s team in the country until the league folded in 1924.  It was then used to award the best junior men’s team in Canada. Finally, in 1960 it was changed to a competition between the best junior teams in the British Columbia Junior A Lacrosse league, the Ontario Junior A Lacrosse league.  Just recently the Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League (Alberta) is in the mix.

Lacrosse Trophies

Presidents Cup

The Presidents Cup is award to the best Senior B box lacrosse team in Canada. Honouring the past presidents of the CLA, it was then donated by Mr. K.G. Thompson in 1964. In 1972 a new trophy was introduced and is still in used until this day.  The old trophy was donated to the Lacrosse Hall of Fame in 1979.

Mann Cup

The Mann Cup is awarded to the best Senior A Men’s box lacrosse team in Canada. The championship is played between the best teams from the Major Series Lacrosse League (Ontario) and the Western Lacrosse Association (British Columbia). The cup was originally given by Sir Donald Mann, builder of the Canadian Northern Railway and is the most valuable trophies in sports (solid gold, valued at $60,000).

Lacrosse Trophies – Professional North America

Champions Cup

The Champions Cup is awarded to the best team in the National Lacrosse League. There is not so much history behind the trophy because of how young the league is (1987). 

Lacrosse Trophies

Steinfeld Cup

The Steinfeld Cup is awarded to the best team in the Major League Lacrosse Championships. The Cup is named after league founder Jake Steinfeld and is a new league only beginning in 2001. 

Lacrosse Trophies