Lacrosse Shoulder Pads can be a very personal piece of equipment depending on the player and also the position. Defensemen in Field Lacrosse usually go for something more lightweight and sacrifice protection. Considering they are dealing out damage most of the time it makes sense. Midfielders and attack, on the other hand, try to protect themselves as much as they can.  60 inches plus of slashes and pokes is a good enough reason too. In Box Lacrosse in it recommended to protect oneself completely because of the cross-checks and overall tougher style of game.

Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

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Lacrosse Shoulder Pads

With all this said, I have seen attack men not use shoulder pads at all, defensemen suit-up to the max so it really depends on the player.

The main goal for almost all players with shoulder pads would be to stay fast, agile and still be protected from checks. A solid pair would be one that fits close to the body and covers one’s shoulders, back and chest.