The lacrosse shot is a skill that one should practice day in and out. Shooting from far, close-up, one side of the net, other side of the net, strong hand, off-hand, shooting on the run. There are endless things you can do to improve your lacrosse shot. Above all, focus on accuracy before power. Power is nothing if you have no control over it. Work on placing the ball where you want it, then work on strengthening your body and shooting motion. Proper technique goes a long way.

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Lacrosse Shot 101

The shot motion can be similar to the passing. The biggest difference is what you do with your feet. Your feet should begin sideways, you then take a short step with your front foot as you reach your hands and stick back. Make sure your hands are far away from your body and you are reaching back as much as you can. After that comes the most important part, turning your hips, this is where you will get a lot of power and speed for your shot. Now use your hip rotation and the weight transfer from the back into the front. Do this with a push-pull technique used for passing to snap away a shot. It can sound complicated in word. Once again, technique goes a long way.

Practice good shooting mechanics first, then accuracy and shot power last. If you have proper shooting mechanics and accuracy you will be a threat in a game. Then, once you have those down, work on your power to really make heads turn and coaches wanting you to play for them.

Lacrosse Shot

Practicing your Lacrosse Shot

All it takes really is your stick, gloves, bag of balls and some duck-tape then you’re on your way to training. Walk around your neighbourhood and find a nice flat wall, brick-wall or whatever wall that is not bumpy. Then all you do is put a little square of tape of the wall and hit it. Stand close and once you hit that spot 50 times step back a bit, can change angles or both. You can also measure out a net and tape where certain areas would be on the net (top, hip side or bottom). The possibilities for training in lacrosse are endless.