Lacrosse Shafts – Long or Short, Heavy or Light

Lacrosse Shafts – Positions

Depending on which position you play on the field or box determines the length of lacrosse shafts. In field lacrosse, attack and midfielders have ‘short sticks’ which measure usually around 30 inches. Lacrosse ShaftsThe defensemen on the other hand can measure up to 60 inches. The goalies have 40 inches of handle.

In box lacrosse, the size of the handle is the same for all runners and goalies being just like field, 40 inches.

Lacrosse Shafts: Grip and Shape

Traditionally players used to tape up their handles to maximise grip or leave without for a smooth feel. Now a days there are different types of grips; some have a sandpaper feel and some rubberised.  Then there’s the traditional smooth grip butLacrosse Shafts again, it is very unique and depends on the preference of the player.
Lacrosse ShaftsThe octagonal shape was the most popular in the past but now companies are experimenting with the handles.

Weight and Durability

Some players prefer light handles to be more agile but then some others prefer heavy so they can deal out some damage. Traditionally the shafts were made of hickory for the stick.  That made the stick heavy but deals out a lot of damage for checks. Now a days companies are using different types of metals in order to maximise durability and minimise weight, that being the strength-to-weight ratio.

What Lacrosse Shafts are made of

Beginners usually start with an Aluminium Alloy handle because it is very affordable. It is a light metal but not strong like the only more advanced metals. Composite are made from high-grade carbon fibers so that makes the handles very strong and surprisingly lightweight. Titanium handles are one of the stronger handles, being lighter and stronger than aluminium. That means they are good for attack or to deal out damage on defence. This makes titanium one of the favourite among advance players. Scandium is the metal preferred by professionals in modern-day. They are extremely durable and very lightweight which shows why it is one of the best.Lacrosse Shafts

The lacrosse shaft is the second most personal piece of equipment to any player on the field. The lacrosse stick itself is a big part of your game on the field and one needs to be comfortable with it. There is a very big market for lacrosse handles so sometimes the choice can get overwhelming.