Lacrosse passing can be debated as the most important skill by many. If you can’t get the ball to your teammates then what are you going to do?

On a solid box or field team it can be mesmerising how well they pass the ball and are all on the same wavelength. Passes go right above the shoulder, stick side.  Then just as fast as the ball is caught it is gone again to create offensive movement. The ball can touch every player on a field in less than 10 seconds and even quicker in a box offense.

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Lacrosse Passing – Grip and Pass

So, all that said, how do you do lacrosse pass? Well before that, I will touch up on how to hold a lacrosse stick first. Place your dominate hand at the top of the stick and place your other hand near the bottom of the stick. Some players place their hands close together, others don’t but honestly it’s all about comfort. Each player will have his or her different style or stick.  So it’s just a matter of practising and getting the right feel for you.

Once you have found good hand placement then it’s time for the actual pass. The overall concept of the pass is a pull and push technique or some say catapult. You use the top hand as the push and the bottom hand as the pull.  With a little wrist snap, it creates a force that propels the ball out of your stick and to your target. It will take some getting used to, seasoned lacrosse players make it look easy I know. Trust me though, everyone started somewhere and evolved with practice.

Lacrosse Passing

Lacrosse Passing – Foot Placement

After getting used to that motion one can start focusing on foot placement. When passing, you lead with your opposite foot. So that means if you are passing left handed then your right foot should be in front, vice versa. I say this because after while practising you will start to realise it’s not just the push and pull. Having your off-foot forward will create a smooth follow through and can also add some velocity to your pass. Basically you are trying to find the perfect balance for YOU with the push and pull technique. To reiterate every player is different so you have to put the personal time in.

Lacrosse passing should be a straight line from one players stick to another. Sometimes you pass right above the shoulder.  Other times you might have to pass away from the body if the receiver is being heavily defended. It all depends on the situation in the game so get practising!

Practice, Practice, Practice!

But seriously though, practice is the only way to improve your passing abilities. Take your stick, a ball, gloves to a wall with no windows and just have a good Wall-ball session. Pick a brick, hit it 50 times, then pick another.  After if you want to get even better try using your off-hand. In box players mainly use their strong side but if you are playing field it is best to practice both sides. Being able to play right and left will be a huge asset to you as a player and will make you more valuable to coaches and teams everywhere.

The only concluding tip I can give you is to start practicing now! Wall ball, wall ball, WALL BALL! At least 3 times per week for at LEAST 30 minutes a day. It is not just me saying this; I have seen many videos online and read articles from pros all saying the same thing. Most of them still do that just to keep their individual skills up to speed, they can’t be wrong. So out of all the hours in a day and week, make some time for lacrosse.  Throw with some friends and run some drills. Both hands on the stick and keep practising. 

Lacrosse Passing