Welcome to the lacrosse league info forum!  Here you can promote your local lacrosse league by filling out the forum below.  As someone who is part of the international lacrosse community, I see how laxers are travelling more.  The sport is being played in more countries now more than ever!  

You never know if a fellow lacrosse player is in your country or city.  Sometimes people have contracts at work that let them travel for short or long periods of time overseas.  Why not bring your lacrosse bag on that business trip and have some fun on the side!  Other times people are just travelling around, again, why not bring your lacrosse bag along?

So here it is, the league info forum!  You could get an e-mail from an international ringer for your team and league.  All in all, it’s about honoring the game of lacrosse and helping it grow all over the world!  Help spread the medicine!

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