Lacrosse Kidney Pads – Because Cross-Checks Hurt

Lacrosse Kidney Pads in my mind are the most important part of one’s protective gear. I say this only because of the amount of times I have been hit in those areas.  Slashes, cross and stick checks but all I hear is the sound of my equipment protecting me.  In Box Lacrosse one would be crazy to play without them, with all the cross-checks and slashes. In Field Lacrosse I could see why defenders wouldn’t but if you are a middie or attackmen, I’d recommend suiting up.Lacrosse Kidney Pads

Coaches make it mandatory for players to wear kidney pads in minor and youth leagues. After that, some players say it slows them down or makes them less agile…to one his own but don’t complain about hip or rib pains are the end of the game.

Lacrosse Kidney Pads – Straight Forward

Lacrosse Kidney Pads are very simple choice, just choose one that covers ribs and hips completely.  One that doesn’t bounce around at all and covers the most area, including your back.  You see a lot of players in field not wear pads which is fair if they are agile and quick.  For box through, no matter how fast, small anything you are, wear kidney pads!  It would be a huge mistake to play a box game without them.