Lacrosse Helmets

Lacrosse Helmets, well, you don’t want to play a game without one that’s for sure. When choosing a helmet it can get pretty personal because of one’s head. Pretty basic stuff really, it should fit your head. With that said, the comfortable fit is the safest option and one should not worry about style or pricing because those are the last things to think about when getting slashed or hit in the head.  That will happen, trust me. Lacrosse Helmet

So when choosing a helmet make sure that it fits comfortably through the whole helmet. You want enough pressure on your head so that it stays in place and is comfortable at the same time. Also, you want to have good vision through the mask. Some players have to tilt their helmet back a bit in order to see through. That is dangerous for one’s neck, exposing it to stick checks. A good fitting helmet should allow one to see through the top two bars of the mask and almost be able to see the ground well in order to get ground balls.

Lacrosse Helmets – Box

Box Lacrosse can be a different story for helmets. Most players in box buy the hockey bucket and then get a lacrosse mask from one of the major companies.

Lacrosse Helmets

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