Lacrosse Gloves look very similar to hockey gloves but if one puts them on you will see right away the difference between the two. Lacrosse Gloves have more breaks in the fingers to allow more grip,mobility and also have better wrist protection. On the newer models, gloves are now super lightweight, absorb a lot of damage, well ventilated and have a special mesh in the palms for awesome grip.

Gloves are considered by many the most important piece of equipment in the bag. Considering that they are attached to your lacrosse stick and suffer the most checks, I would agree. So, one would want to chose a set of gloves that gives one a good feel of the stick and also well protected to avoid injuries.

Lacrosse Gloves

Lacrosse Gloves – The Perfect Fit

How lacrosse gloves fit on the player can be a personal choice. Some players like the gloves tight while other prefer a little bit of space.  So once again, do your research and find the glove that best fits you. Nowadays lacrosse companies are trying new and different things to improve glove technology. Gloves are becoming mobile and more protected as the years go by so that saves a lot of unnecessary injuries.

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