Lacrosse equipment… the sport would be extremely painful without it. Today with the growth of lacrosse,  it’s market is being filled with all sorts of new equipment. Companies are experimenting with different types of materials to make equipment.  Making them lightweight and super durable to drain a little pain out of those nasty checks. 

Below is an overview of equipment to inform what to wear and how it will protect you. Ultimately, in the end, it all comes down to you. It depends on what position you play, how the equipment feels on you.  How much protection you want, how heavy or light you want to be and the list can go on. I’d like to provide some knowledge about equipment so that you can make a more educated choice about your purchase. 

Lacrosse Equipment


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Lacrosse Equipment – The Basics

Click on the links below to read about the specific equipment you are looking for, and the equipment you will need depending on what lacrosse position you will be or are playing. 

Best of luck gathering the equipment that suits you best!  With the many brands of lacrosse gear to choose from it can be overwhelming.  Do your research and take your time, it’s different for every player.