Lacrosse arm protection is crucial, the sport involves a lot of contact.  Especially stick and cross checks, so it is best to keep one’s arm well protected. Lacrosse Arm Protection can be found in different forms: elbow guard, elbow pad, arm guard, arm pads and bicep pads.  It all depends what you are looking for, protection or mobility.  Every player is different in this regard so do your research.

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Lacrosse Arm Protection – The Selection

Arm Guards offer the most protection for the arms. The upper bicep, lower forearm and elbow are covered with strong padding. Used for players who protect the ball and take a lot of checks.  Like so much in lacrosse it all comes down to the individual with equipment.Lacrosse Arm Protection

Arm Pads give less protection on the bicep and forearm but more mobility. They are normally used only in Field Lacrosse by defensemen or midfielders who transition the ball a lot.Lacrosse Arm Protection

Elbow Guards are like a small version of the Arm Guards but lose a couple of points due to weight and flexibility.

Then there are Elbow Pads which just cover the elbow.Lacrosse Arm Protection

Bicep Pads are mainly used for Box Lacrosse to protect against cross checks but could also be used in field because of the long stick defensemen.Lacrosse Arm Protection