KLax Cup – Summer field lacrosse tournament in Germany

KLax CupThe KLax Cup is hosted by Kaiserslautern Lacrosse Club.

  • Where: Hermann-Löns-Straße 25, 67663 Kaiserslautern, Germany.
  • When: July 27th-29th
  • How: Contact the organizers (facebook, website) or bring your own team!

Women’s Results 2017: 

  • 1st – Party Palms
  • 2nd – Marburg Saints
  • 3rd – K-Town Ladyjacks
  • 4th – Pickup Team
  • 5th – Bonn Lions
  • 6th – Kaiserhalle Girls
  • 7th – Darmstadt Demons
  • 8th – Legionaires Trier

Men’s Results 2017:

  • 1st – K-Town Lumberjacks
  • 2nd – MarBroRo
  • 3rd – Bear Lacrosse
  • 4th – Tübingen Types
  • 5th – Damstadt Demons
  • 6th – Bonn Lions
  • 7th – Legionaires Trier
  • 8th – Goettingen Lacrosse

KLax Cup – If you’re in Germany!

From what I have read about this tournament it sounds like a lot of fun.  You get there on the Friday and are welcomed with a BBQ.  You can buy food from the lacrosse club or your are more than welcome to bring your own meat to cook.  After that you can set up tents near the field, if it rains there’s an indoor accommodation. 

The KLax Cup seems to be in partnership with a local restaurant TSG.  They have breakfast and lunch specials, even an all you can eat buffet Saturday night.  Just when you thought it wouldn’t get any better there is a Players Party on the Saturday night!  All this and you get to play lacrosse in between?  Sounds like a pretty solid weekend to me!

KLax Cup – Contacts

LADYJACKS (Women’s team)
Anika Kinscherff (ladyjacks@k-town-lumberjacks.de)

LUMBERJACKS (Men’s team)
Jan Mehne & Frederic Manz (info@k-town-lumberjacks.de)

HOMEPAGE (Website)
Oliver Griebel (admin@k-town-lumberjacks.de)


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