King Of the Hill Lacrosse

King of the Hill Lacrosse will be 5 Saturdays starting November 16th and ending December 14th.

All games to be played at the Club Dome West Island: 3000 Edmond St, Kirkland, Quebec H9H 5J5

Time: 5:30-7 pm

King of the Hill Lacrosse – Format

There will be 3 teams, each with 9 players (2 attack, 2 middie, 2 pole, 1 goalie and 2 subs).

Games will be 7 minutes long or first to 3 goals. Winning team stays on and the losing team switches with the team on the bench.

Registration Info

To register for King of the Hill Lacrosse one must fill out the forum below and pay the appropriate fee. Your spot is reserved only when you have done both those tasks!

80$ for 5 weekends and 20$ drop in (must sign in and pay in advance).

Once you have committed and signed-up it is your responsibility to show up. If you miss a week that you signed up for that’s on you.

King of the Hill Lacrosse