Iroquois Lacrosse Tournaments

Baggataway, Tewaarathon, Deyhontsigwa’ehs, stick ball, lacrosse and The Medicine Game.  The game of lacrosse was a gift to the Haudenosaunee people from The Creator.  The game has many spiritual aspects, is deeply embedded in the culture and lifestyle of the Haudenosaunee.  

The lacrosse world owe a great deal and more to the originators of the game.  Everyone who plays this great game should know the historical and spiritual significance of it or they won’t be able to play it right.

On this page you will find information about different tournaments. I highly recommend checking out any of these tourneys.  You will see the game of lacrosse at it’s finest.

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Iroquois Lacrosse Tournaments

Box Lacrosse

Dallas Garlow Memorial Tournament

Dallas Garlow Memorial Tournament – Masters/Senior