For the first time ever, there will be a European Box Lacrosse Championship! In it’s inaugural year, Turku and Kaarina, Finland were awarded the honour of hosting the EBLC 2017.

Box Lacrosse has been growing more throughout Europe in the past years. At the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championships in Onondaga there were nine European countries competing. If teams had more funding one would have seen more countries no doubt.

Upon seeing this increase in interest, the European Lacrosse Federation decided to help grow box lacrosse even more on the continent. The EBLC will take place every four years and only two after the World Championships. This is very similar to how FIFA organises its football championships.

I myself… am happy with this news. It is a massive push for box lacrosse all over the world.

European Box Lacrosse Championship – Competing Nations

In just it’s first year, the EBLC has 14 nations competing for European supremacy. In no specific order: Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, England, Turkey, Israel and of course Finland.

This event will take place July 8th-15th 2017. Games will be split between the Gatorade Center and the Marli Arena.  Both these arenas are a bit outside of Turku but the Marli is closer to Kaarina.

This will no doubt be a fierce week of box lacrosse. Every nation will bring their best. Everyone’s going to be gunning to get that first European crown. Below is the complete schedule for this year’s event.

European Box Lacrosse ChampionshipEuropean Box Lacrosse Championship

For more up to date info on the event, you can check out the EBLC’s official website.