Intercrosse is the non-contact version of lacrosse played in gymnasiums. Being the newest form of the game it is still making ground internationally. 


Intercrosse is played on a 40m X 20m wooden or skid-free court.  A half court line to separate the offensive and defensive zones. Goals are put on each side which a half-circle 9 feet radius.  This represents the goalie’s crease. Then there’s a straight dotted line drawn from the center of the goalie crease outwards, that is the penalty shot line.

Intercrosse can be played anywhere and it’s cheaper to buy equipment.  This is a factor in why it’s gaining so much interest around the world. It is used in many physical education classes at school or recreationally because of the no contact.  Great for cardio and to teach players the fundamental skills of lacrosse.

In 1982 the Federation Internationale d’Inter-Crosse was created in France and now holds international competitions. There are 45 countries in the federation and the numbers are growing more every year!


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Intercrosse – The Basics

The main objective in intercrosse is like it’s brothers and sister.  Pass it around and get a goal or stop a goal. Each team has five players and a goalie on the court at once but are allowed a total of 14 runners and 2 goalies. Player sticks are made completely of plastic. The ball is also made of plastic and is hollow, larger and lighter.  Goals are 4′ X 4′ (1.22m X 1.22m) and goalies wear similar pads to box lacrosse.  Thus includes a helmet with face mask, throat guard, chest protector, pants (like in football or hockey), gloves and leg protectors.




Each game is officiated by 2 referees, a timekeeper, a 30-second time keeper, official scorekeeper and an assistant scorekeeper. All referees have power over the court as soon as they enter the playing ground and sign the score sheet at the end of the game once all the players are off the court. Out of the two referees one is name the ‘Head Official’ for the game therefore has many responsibilities. These includes checking all the equipment, the scoreboard, making sure everything is in order at the timekeeper and score sheet table. The referee has the power to end the game whenever if they feel like it is getting out of hand or if there are injuries. 

Intercrosse World Games

That’s right, didn’t know there was an World Games for intercrosse but now I do! It has been going on since 1985 in the months of July and August.  The tournament is played with mixed team (men and women) that are put together at the beginning of the tournament. So they mix everyone together from countries all over the world, not bad. This is pretty cool because it gets players from all over the world talking to each other which will for sure grow the sport and it creates a great social atmosphere. If you would like more information on the World Games feel free to check out the official website of the FIIC World Games.