This how to play lacrosse page will be a walkthrough for beginners. It will briefly skim the main aspects of lacrosse in all it’s forms. For more specific answers one can look at the official rules below.


The goal in lacrosse is to score more points than the other team. A point is scored when a player bats,throws, kicks or nudges the rubber lacrosse ball into the net. No players are allowed to touch the ball with their hand except goalies.

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    Box Lacrosse

    Box Lacrosse

    How to Play Lacrosse

    Field Lacrosse


    Lacrosse 101

    How to Play Lacrosse – Basics

    A lacrosse game starts with a face-off in the middle of the box, field or floor. Two players face to face who are trying to win possession of the ball. Once the official blows the whistle the players battle it out using different techniques or just power their way over the opponent to gain possession. Once the ball is possessed, the team cradles, passes or dodges their way to the opposing teams net in order to get a goal. After every goal the ball is brought to the middle again for another face-off.  Face-off also begin every period of quarter.

    How To Play Lacrosse – The Equipment

    Women’s lacrosse and intercrosse are played with very minimal equipment. Both versions of the sport are played with very minimal contact so players only wear running shoes and gloves (preference), eye protection depending on the player and of course their stick.

    Field and box lacrosse are more aggressive versions of the sport so players are highly recommended to wear protective gear. This includes a helmet, gloves, arm pads, kidney or rib pads, shoulder pads, jock strap and of course a lacrosse stick.

    For more information of each piece of equipment you can click on the links below:

    How to Play Lacrosse – Rules

    Rules change all the time for lacrosse so I want to make sure that I get the information right.

    Below are links to all the official rule books of lacrosse: