Field Lacrosse is spreading like wild-fire.  With record number of nations every year at the FIL World Championship it’s only the beginning, the world is hooked.  Little by little it’s transforming people into fanatics. It looks like we are in the era in which Field Lacrosse might become an Olympic sport. That my friends, is epic.

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Field Lacrosse – The Basics

The history of lacrosse came from the Haudenosaunee people and their culture.  The official modern rules for Field Lacrosse were drawn up by a Canadian, William George Beers in 1867. Modern day Field Lacrosse is played on a 110 m X 60 m (120.30 yard X 65.62 yard) grass field or turf with 10 players on each side. Both teams have a goalie, three defenders, midfielders and attackmen on at the same time. Players battle for a rubber ball in which they pass around and shoot on the opponent’s net for a goal.

Click on the links below for more information about the rules of lacrosse and lacrosse positions. This section will just be covering the basics of field.

Field Lacrosse

Field Lacrosse – Rules and Equipment

Rules of Lacrosse (Field)

Lacrosse Positions (Field)

Players use either a short stick (40-42 inches) or a long pole (52-72 inches). For protection, players have a helmet with a lacrosse mask, shoulder pads, arms pads, gloves and some even use rib pads. In most leagues it is highly recommended that players wear a jock strap and a mouth guard.

Field in the USA

The field game is growing, tis no myth. Youth teams are practicing all over the US, Canada and now internationally.  

Lacrosse is creating a good foundation for itself and for the future.  This helps with the overall growth and promotion or the sport. Also, in the US, a lot of NCAA lacrosse games are televised.  This inspires young players for years to come. One can easily see why the US has been such a powerhouse in the sport for the past decades. It has teams everywhere and people are hooked on the game.

Field Lacrosse

Field in Canada and International

Canada has been developing their field game over the past two decades with 2 World Championships under its belt.  It has inspired a mainly Box Lacrosse country to also acknowledge its cousin sport of field. With CUFLA (Canadian University Field Lacrosse Association) making a strong impact on the university scene in Canada the future is bright. Furthermore, in the past couple of decades many Canadian players have been going to play in he NCAA.  

This can also be said for the Iroquois who have had amazing success with players like Cody Jamesion, Sid Smith and the Thompson brothers that have taken the NCAA by storm.

Even in Australia with the Australian Senior Lacrosse Championship and many bronze medals in the Field Lacrosse Championships, I can’t say it enough the sport is growing.

The sport is strong and gaining much interest internationally. Support your local lacrosse team, watch games online, tell friends, family, training like there is no tomorrow. Grow the game, the game we all love. Lacrosse for life!