Europeans Box Lacrosse Invitational
  • What: Men’s International Box Lacrosse No Trophy Tournament
  • When: Mid April
  • Where: Radotín, Czech Republic
  • Founded:  2015
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European Box Lacrosse Invitational – Info

The first ever European Box Lacrosse Invitational took place April 17-20th 2015. Organisers saw it as a chance to prepare for the 2015 FIL World Indoor Lacrosse Championship in Onondaga.

The E-Box Invitational took place at LCC Radotín’s world famous outdoor box. Czech Republic, Ireland, Israel, Germany, Switzerland and Finland were the original six countries to compete.

Teams played 4 X 15 minute quarters and under International Lacrosse Federation rules. (Rulebooks)

European Box Lacrosse Invitational – Here to stay

The first even European Box Lacrosse Championships were held in Turku, Finland July 8-15th 2017. 14 nations competed in this first ever European Championship. In no specific order you have; Netherlands, Switzerland, Poland, Serbia, Ireland, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Sweden, England, Turkey, Israel and of course Finland competing.

With the European Championships taking place every four years, it looks like the European Invitational in Radotín will be an annual event. International Box Lacrosse teams will have a chance to test out their squads annually in a friendly environment.

For all other information you can go to the official website.


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European Box Lacrosse Invitational