The long overdue CBWC 2019 results are in and the game footage is on the Gone Laxing YouTube page.  The last thing to check off my list for this year is to thank every single one of you.  It has taken a couple of days for everything to sink in and a few more days to find the words, but here it goes.

Thank you!

Here’s to Le Rinque, Jordan and all his staff at Le Mezz.  It’s not an easy task keeping up with lacrosse players on and off the floor.  Everyone was well nourished and their thirst quenched. Thank you. At any given moment of the tournament there was a staff member there wiling to help however they could.  This tournament has come a long way in two years and many thanks goes to how well run Le Rinque is as an establishment.  I can’t thank you enough Jordan for being extremely supportive with my vision and passion for the game of lacrosse. See you in 2020!

Here’s to the purple zebras!

I will say it straight up.  This tournament wouldn’t have run as smoothly as it did without Dave Pare and his team of officials, scorekeepers and shot clock operators.  You guys have the toughest job out of all of us.  Every action you take is matched with disagreements and chirps.  You guys drew the line and stuck by it.  For this, hats off to you.


Here’s to the backbone of the Chuck Baranowski Winter Classic, my volunteers.  The foundation, the life force, the ones behind the scenes guiding, informing all participants and fans.  Your energy and support helped make the weekend a well oiled machine.  Thank you Helena, Sam, Delaine, Kat, Sammy, Jackie, Mel and Aunt Karen.  A big shout out also goes to Cedric for filming every game of the CBWC so that fans and players have something to look back on.  Thank you!

Our sponsors

Thank you Sports 138 for setting up shop over the weekend and providing players with top of the line equipment for a great price.  Thank you also for donating 2 lacrosse shafts and lacrosse heads for the tournament MVPs in the Masters Division and Senior Division.

Thank you Traditional Lacrosse for once again for donating MVP Trophies and also for the placement plaques you made for us this year.  Having handcrafted trophies and plaques add a touch of class to the whole tournament.  Thank you once again for your hard work.

CBWC 2019 ResultsCBWC 2019 Results

Players and fans

Wouldn’t have been a party without all you weekend warriors and fans!  Here’s to the GMs, coaches and captains for putting in the hard work in getting everyone to Montreal for the weekend.  Thank you to all the players for showing up, competing hard in the spirit of the game and providing the fans some good quality ball all weekend.  Big thanks goes to all the fans for creating an ambiance that matched the intensity on the floor.

Mark Baranowski (Chuck’s son)

Mark, thank you for making the trip, your presence at the tournament made it official. I’m glad you got to experience the aftermath of your fathers passion and hard work.

Every year, with the proceeds of this tournament, I will buy 20 complete lacrosse sticks and donate them to a local school.  I will then push to incorporate lacrosse into the schools curriculum so that the games grows, like Chuck would’ve wanted.

Thank you and see you next year!

All throughout the weekend I saw some old faces and met new ones who had nothing but good things to say about Chuck.  The quote of the weekend from many was “Chuck would have loved this”.

So once again thank all of you for making the Chuck Baranowski Winter Classic a memorable weekend and experience.  See you all next year!

CBWC 2019 Results