Canadian Lacrosse Tournaments – The Great White North

Canadian lacrosse tournaments are a great way to see the country and play competitive lacrosse.  Box lacrosse is more popular in Canada but that doesn’t mean field isn’t growing.  In most provinces you have field and box leagues. Some provinces even play all year around! As you could’ve guess most tournaments take place in the spring, summer or fall but you do have some winter box lacrosse tournaments popping up here and there.  Want to give your team a box lacrosse challenge? I encourage you to attend some of these tournaments.  Tournaments in general no matter where in the world are great experiences.  

For the lacrosse fans and enthusiasts, late summer is Box National Championship season in Canada. First off you have the Founders Cup which is a Junior B championship.  Then there’s the Minto Cup (Junior A).  After that there’s the Alcan Cup (Senior C), Presidents Cup (Senior B)  and Mann Cup (Senior A).  Every year these championships switch hosting cities for each tier.  No matter which tournament you attend you will see top notch action, future stars and professional players.  You will see high caliber lacrosse, some Senior A and B teams could be considered as good as some teams from the NLL.

For specific information on these tournaments you can go to the Official CLA Website.   

Canadian Lacrosse Tournaments

Quebec Tournaments

Box Lacrosse

Laval Laxfest
Chuck Baranowski Winter Classic

Ontario Tournaments

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War on the Shore

Nova Scotia Tournaments

Masters Box Lacrosse