Canadian Lacrosse Leagues

Canadian Lacrosse Leagues go from minor leagues all the way up to masters.  Box and field lacrosse can be found in almost every province.  Senior A lacrosse in Ontario and British Columbia are the highest caliber for box in the summer months.  Followed by Senior B and C. There’s also Junior A, B and C box lacrosse for players under 21. During the winter months there’s the  Arena Lacrosse League in Ontario.  Which this year  was name the official farm league for the National Lacrosse League.  In the fall months you will see field lacrosse going on and BC even plays all through the winter.  Below you can find men’s lacrosse leagues from all over Canada.

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British Columbia Lacrosse Leagues

Box Lacrosse

Western Lacrosse Association

Western Lacrosse Association – Senior A

West Coast Senior Lacrosse Association

West Coast Senior Lacrosse League – Senior B


Ontario Lacrosse Leagues

Box Lacrosse

Major Series Lacrosse

Major Series Lacrosse – Senior A

Arena Lacrosse League

Arena Lacrosse League – Winter Box Lacrosse

Ontario Series Lacrosse

Ontario Series Lacrosse – Senior B


Quebec Lacrosse Leagues

Box Lacrosse

Canadian Lacrosse Leagues

Quebec Senior Lacrosse League – Senior B


Field Lacrosse

Canadian Lacrosse Leagues

QSFLL-LSCCQ – Men’s Field Lacrosse

Alberta Lacrosse Leagues

Box Lacrosse

Rocky Mountain Senior B

Rocky Mountain Lacrosse League – Senior B

Nova Scotia Lacrosse Leagues

Box Lacrosse

Nova Scotia Senior Lacrosse League

NSSLL – Senior B Box Lacrosse