Boxmania – Men’s Box Lacrosse Tournament in France

What: BoxmaniaBoxmania

Where: 343 Rue de Marquillies, 59000 Lille, France

When: Usually in November (2017 was 4th-5th)

Who: Men’s Box Lacrosse Teams

Boxmania – Info

Boxmania is a men’s box lacrosse tournament that has been around since 2009.  Last year the tournaments hosted 6 teams from all over Europe and DREADLAX from the UK came home with the hardware.

2017 Results:

  • 2. Orange Warriors
  • 3. Belgium Beast
  • 4. Marbroro
  • 5. Eurolaxco
  • 6. Istanbul Sultans

From the videos and pictures I’ve seen the venue itself is kick ass (subjective).  It looks like the gutted an abandoned warehouse and put a box court inside of it.  I enjoy that rustic look, it feels very underground.  Not too mention the tournaments is free entry all weekend for spectators!  

For more information on the tournament or to register a team you contact or go to the Facebook Page.

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