15 teams the past two weeks competed for European Box Lacrosse glory. The Slovakian Nationals were happy to be apart of it and are working hard for the sport in Slovakia.

I was in Slovakia three years ago, mainly in Bratislava for three months. During that time, I was taken in by all Slovak players and had nothing but good times with them. The Box Lacrosse team I practised with was called the Bratislava Bats. Practices took place on a roller-hockey rink right beside a lake.  Outdoor box lacrosse… I love it!

Slovakian Nationals

They have done nothing put encourage the sport in the city and country. I have absolute respect for this team and every other Lacrosse player in Slovakia. They practice a couple times per week, train on their own and compete in  box tournaments around Europe. They are truly growing the game of Lacrosse in Slovakia. For that my hats off to you boys!

Slovakian Nationals – Box History with Mr.Rydlo

In my never ending quest to educate the world about international Lacrosse I touched base with a friend from the Slovakian Nationals, Mr. Tomas Rydlo.

How long has Box Lacrosse been played in Slovakia? Where and how did it all begin?

Tomas:  It all began when Bats founders Martin Čulman and Patrik Pytel played in the Memorial of Ales Hrebesky for the first time.  When traveling back to Bratislava they agreed to make a box lacrosse Team.

When I was in Slovakia there was the Bratislava Bats. Are there other box teams now in Slovakia?

Tomas:  There is still only one Box Lacrosse team in Slovakia. However, some players from Slovakian field teams like Skalica Chiefs, Trnava Sabers and Prievidza Headhunterz play for the Nationals.

How did the idea of the Nationals happen?

Tomas: Nationals is a tournament team made of Slovakian Nationals Players from all over the country. We use the Czech League and other tournaments to prepare for the EBLC 2017.

Slovakian Nationals

Slovakian Nations – EBLC 2017

How has the team been preparing for the Euros? What are your training facilities?

Tomas:  As I mentioned before, the Nationals use the Czech Box Lacrosse league to prepare.  We also use the Mayors Cup and Ales Hrebesky Memorial as an opportunity to train together.

The team practises at an outdoor Box Lacrosse rink in Devinska Nova Ves, Bratislava.  During the Winter we have an indoor arena in Petrzalka, Bratislava.

Do you have any imports or is your team based mostly from Slovakia?

Tomas:  We have some imports from overseas, but the core of the team is Slovakian. We have non-passport holders that have been representing Slovakia for years but we also have some Freshmen.

If so, how did you and these imports come into contact?

Tomas: As I said some of the NPH are representing country for years. We met others via Facebook

Mr. Sofo and the inside scoop

Good friend and lacrosse fanatic,  Sofo has started writing about his lacrosse journeys.  Keep writing and growing the game brother! 

With all the hard work these warriors are putting into the game.  The future is bright for Slovakian lacrosse!  All the best boys and see you soon!