A day shy from the Presidents Cup 2017. For those unaware the Presidents Cup is a week long tournament were the top Senior B teams from Canada battle for a National Championship. Don’t like the ‘B’ fool you, every year there are pros, ex-pros and elite level players in the tournament. Every club from around the country brings it’s best.

Presidents Cup 2017 – Teams

QuebecPresidents Cup 2017

The Kahnahwake Mohawks clinched their spot in the Presidents Cup by defeated the Capital Region Axemen. The Kahnawake Mohawks have collected some professionals mixed with the raw talent of local players to create a contender squad. 

Nova ScotiaPresidents Cup 2017

After missing the last Presidents Cup the Nova Scotia Privateers are back in 2017! The top players from all over the province will make the journey to Six Nations this year. These boys will stick together, I have played with them and I know they won’t go down without a fight!

OntarioPresidents Cup 2017

From the Ontario circuit you have the Six Nations Rivermen. They beat the Owen Sound North Stars in the Ontario Senior B final. That means two Six Nations teams at Presidents Cup 2017 in Six Nations.  It’s gonna be a battle for everyone partaking.

AlbertaPresidents Cup 2017

The 2016 Champions are back and looking to make it two in a row. Simple as that.

Presidents Cup 2017

British Columbia

The Ladner Pioneers won against the Royal City Capitals for the BC championship.  These boys are making the long trek to Six Nations with only one thing in mind.

SaskatchewanPresident Cup 2017

The Saskatoon Brewers are making it for the second year in a row.  It’s good to see Saskatchewan sending a team every year now, good for the sport and everyone. Plus I know a couple of them and they be beautys. 

Can AmPresidents Cup 2017

The Can Am lacrosse league is not to be taken lightly.  It’s a battle for that championship and the league has a lot of talent.  The Native Sons beat the Pinewood Smoke in the finals to make it their second year in a row.


Presidents Cup 2017

The St. Regis Braves beat the Tyendinaga Thunderbirds in what was a fast past final of the Three Nations Lacrosse League.  The St.Regis Braves won the Presidents Cup back to back in 2011-12, they are looking for a third.

Six Nation Slash (Host)Presidents Cup 2017

Last and definitely not least the host team, Six Nation Slash.  There’s a huge honour in hosting the Presidents Cup and this year is no different. The Slash have stuck with their local talent and look to turn heads in this years Presidents Cup.


Presidents Cup 2017 – Schedule

Sunday August 27 2017
  • St.Regis Braves vs Kahnawake Mohawks 9am
  • N.S. Privateers vs Six Nations Rivermen 12pm
  • Opening Ceremony  2:15pm
  • St.Albert Miners vs Six Nations Slash (Host) 3pm
  • Saskatoon Brewers vs Ladner Pioneers 6pm
  • Kahnawake Mohawks vs Native Sons 9pm
Monday August 28 2017
  • N.S. Privateers vs Ladner Pioneers 9am
  • St.Regis Braves vs Six Nations Slash (Host) 12pm
  • St.Albert Miners vs Saskatoon Brewers 3pm
  • Native Sons vs Six Nations Rivermen 6pm
  • Kahnawake Mohawks vs Six Nations Slash (Host) 9pm
Tuesday August 29 2017 
  • St.Regis Braves vs Saskatoon Brewers 9am
  • N.S. Privateers vs St.Albert Miners 12pm
  • Six Nations Rivermen vs Ladner Pioneers 3pm
  • Kahnawake Mohawks vs Saskatoon Brewers 5pm at GPA due to Chiefs Game at I.L.A.
  • Six Nations Slash (Host) vs Native Sons 8pm at GPA due to Chiefs Game at I.L.A.
Wednesday August 30 2017
  • Six Nations Rivermen vs St.Albert Miners 9am 
  • Kahnawake Mohawks vs N.S. Privateers 12pm
  • Six Nations Slash (Host) vs Saskatoon Brewers 3pm
  • Native Sons vs Ladner Pioneers 6pm
  • St.Regis Braves vs N.S. Privateers 9pm
Thursday August 31 2017 
  • Saskatoon Brewers vs Native Sons 9am
  • Ladner Pioneers vs St.Albert Miners 12pm
  • Six Nations Slash (Host) vs N.S. Privateers 3pm
  • Six Nations Rivermen vs St.Regis Braves 6pm
  • Native Sons vs St.Albert Miners 9pm
Friday September 1 2017 
  • Saskatoon Brewers vs N.S. Privateers 9am
  • Ladner Pioneers vs St.Regis Braves 12pm
  • Six Nations Rivermen vs Kahnawake Mohawks 3pm
  • N.S. Privateers vs Native Sons 6pm
  • St.Albert Miners vs St.Regis Braves 9pm
Saturday September 2 2017 
  • Ladner Pioneers vs Kahnawake Mohawks 10am (G.P.A)
  • Six Nations Slash (Host) vs Six Nations Rivermen 9am (I.L.A.)
  • Native Sons vs St.Regis Braves. 12pm (I.L.A.)
  • St.Albert Miners vs Kahnawake Mohawks 6pm (G.P.A.)
  • Saskatoon Brewers vs Six Nations Rivermen 5pm 
  • Ladner Pioneers vs Six Nations Slash (Host) 8pm
September 3rd 2017
  • 5th vs. 6th 10am
  • 3rd vs. 4th (Bronze) 1pm
  • 1st vs. 2nd CHAMPIONSHIP (GOLD) 4pm
    ————Closing Ceremony—————-


Unfortunately right now I haven’t heard of anybody streaming this tournament….very unfortunate.  I have my ear to the ground though and if I hear anything will post it on my social media pages.