The LASNAI (Lax All Stars North American Invitational) is back for it’s second annual.  The tournament is played on the Onondaga Nation which is located near Syracuse, New York.  Games are held in the Tsha’ Thoñ’nhes (Onondaga Field House) which means ‘where they play ball’. 


Tsha’ Thoñ’nhes – ‘Where they play ball’.

The Field House was built in 2015 for the World Indoor Lacrosse Championships but the significance this structure has on the community will be timeless. Locals are encouraged to show up anytime to practice or just for a toss.  In doing that they are able to see any of the Thompson brothers or other stars from Onondaga doing the same.  This gives everyone surrounding the Field House an opportunity to play lacrosse all year around, that’s how you build for the next generation!

LASNAI – Growth in a Year

Last years LASNAI saw 12 teams from the US, Canada, Iroquois, Jamaica, Czech Republic and Israel.  I was in attendance last year and had an unbelievable experience.  Lacrosse being played for three days straight in a pristine venue. 


A great feeling running on this floor.

Getting to play in some intense games including against Thompson Brothers Lacrosse.  Creating new friendships and extending the lacrosse family even further.  Being part of something new that will endure. All these things and more are what make the LASNAI a must for any box lacrosse player.


Having two boxes could mean more than 21 teams next year.

LASNAI 2017 has 21 teams competing for the cup.  A significant growth from last year.  Just a couple of days ago I figured out that games would be played also on the outdoor box in front of the Field House.  The news made me even more bitter that I decided not to attend. I will play lacrosse this weekend anyway so life goes on.

Since it’s 21 teams this year Lax All Stars have decided to use the same format as the Aleš Hřebeský Memorial which also hosts 21 teams.  The reason I am bringing this up is to point out that there is still room for growth. Since there are two box lacrosse floors that could be played on maybe they could add a couple more slots.  Well see, I don’t know, but what I do know is being part of a 21 teams box lacrosse tournament is an experience worth living.

Teams, schedule and watching LASNAI

7 teams from the US, 2 House teams, Israel, Czech Republic, Canada and 9 Iroquois teams! To me this means the quarter-finals and on will be some high quality box lacrosse not to be missed.  Fortunately for us Lax All Stars will be sharing every game and the full schedule online. 

 So I’m going to leave it at that.  Here are the tools, now go watch some box lacrosse.  I myself have been glued to the laptop watching games and being entertained. I will leave you with my game of the day for LASNAI day #1.  Enjoy the video and the rest of the tournament.