Australian Lacrosse Leagues

Below you will find information on the different Australian Lacrosse Leagues.  Lacrosse has been played in Australia for over a hundred years and it shows.  The Aussies are a force to be reckoned with in Field Lacrosse and their tough mentality has transfered over well to Box Lacrosse.

Travelling to other countries and playing lacrosse  can help one grow in certain aspects of life.  I highly recommend taking a season or a year off and going to play lacrosse in another country.  You will learn about yourself, another culture, lifestyle AND get to play lacrosse!

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Victoria Leagues

australian lacrosse leagues

Field Lacrosse – Men’s/Women’s/Youth

Australian Lacrosse Leagues

Box Lacrosse – Men’s/Women’s/Youth

South Australia Leagues

Lacrosse South Australia

Field Lacrosse – Men’s, Women’s and Youth

South Australia Indoor League

Box Lacrosse

Lacrosse Western Australia

Lacrosse Western Australia

Field Lacrosse – Men’s, Women’s, Youth

Queensland Leagues

australian lacrosse leagues

Queensland Lacrosse Association – Field Lacrosse