Men's Lacrosse Leagues

Major league lacrosse (or MLL) is a professional Field Lacrosse league based in the United States. It was founded in 1999 followed by the first ever season in 2001. If you have not watched an MLL game yet I strongly recommend it. In the MLL you have some of the best Field Lacrosse players in the world. Most have been playing the sport since youth all the way up to the highest levels of the NCAA. During a game you will see high calibre play, amazing athletes, and outstanding plays. You can learn so much from just watching one game so get out there and watch!

Major League Lacrosse – 101

ere are 9 teams total in the Major Lacrosse League and they play 14 games each. The season starts in April and goes all the way until August. The MLL has a couple of different rules than other field leagues.

  • There is a two point goal line 15 meters (16 yards) from each goal.  You score from there you get two points!
  • They have eliminated the restraining box on both ends of the field which opens the game up a lot more.
  • They have a shot clock in Major League Lacrosse. The shot clock starts at 60 seconds and there is a change of possession if it runs out. This adds to the overall pace of the game. In Field Lacrosse game possession is key and can last for a while (I’ve seen almost a whole quarter once). The shot clock now puts pressure on time.  It speeds up the entire game and makes it more entertaining for all.

Major League Lacrosse

Past Champions

  • 2001 – Long Island Lizards
  • 2002 – Baltimore Bayhawks
  • 2003 – Long Island Lizards
  • 2004 – Philadelphia Barrage
  • 2005 – Baltimore Bayhawks
  • 2006 – Philadelphia Barrage
  • 2007 – Philadelphia Barrage
  • 2008 – Rochester Rattlers
  • 2009 – Toronto Nationals
  • 2010 – Chesapeake Bayhawks
  • 2011 – Boston Cannons
  • 2012 – Chesapeake Bayhawks
  • 2013 – Chesapeake Bayhawks
  • 2014 – Denver Outlaws
  • 2015 – New York Lizards
  • 2016 – Denver Outlaws
  • 2017 – Ohio Machine
  • 2018 – Denver Outlaws
  • 2019 – Chesapeake Bayhawks